Welcome Soon to be Trail Goer!

What is Jersey's Hidden Retail Trail?

If you’ve ever been on a self-guided wine tour think of that, but with small businesses! Featuring hidden, lesser known, or off the beaten path small business shops! Things from antique stores, toy stores, book stores, candy, home/garden, cafes, and more! 

Trails run for two weeks, and each business owner is excited to have you come in for a special treat! Every stop on the trail will have something special to offer to those on the trail. Games for prizes or discounts, samples, flat discounts, raffles, etc. 

Once you register, you will be sent an email confirmation with payment options. Then shortly before the week trail begins, you will be emailed your "trail map", giving you the participating businesses, a little about them, their hours and address. This map will also act as proof of participation at each store, so printing it out or having access to it on your phone will be necessary! 



Tickets $10 

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Hunterdon County and NJ Surrounding Counties.