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Mission Statement

Jersey's Hidden Retail Trail’s first and foremost mission is to get eager new customers through the doors of wonderful local shops! 


Achieving this through running a two-week trial, twice a year featuring unique and special small, family-owned businesses 


I believe family-owned businesses deserve to be the “go to” place for local shoppers. With all the shopping people can do online these days, I strive to help people remember the unique and enjoyable shopping experience that only comes from a local, family-owned business! 


About the Founder

Melanie Cholish

Melanie has always been passionate about “Mom and Pop” stores and shopping local. With aspirations to open her own store, she wants nothing more than to shine a light on other family-owned businesses. 

When Melanie isn’t working on Jersey’s Hidden Retail Trail she enjoys creating various forms of art. Her favorites include painting, refurbishing antiques, and photography.  

Melanie resides in Hunterdon County with her fluffy fur baby, Fairy. She enjoys being outdoors, practicing yoga, and spending time with her family and friends.

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